The cultivation of knowledge entails a process, and visualizing this construction process becomes imperative. I am endeavoring to establish a system of identification to denote the maturity level of each article within my digital garden, ensuring a keen grasp on their completeness.

The garden has 6 types of maturity in all.

Guide Boards

Guide boards are notes that allow us to navigate easily (e.g. Collection of books or writings).

7 notes under this maturity. Showing recent 5 notes.


Saplings have a substantial amount of content, they may show periodical developmet derived from sprouts or raindrops.

1 note under this maturity.


Sprouts are thoughts barely started. Maybe jotted down on haste or simply showing only the brief amount of what I thought about it by far.

Withered Leaves

Withered leaves are the notes expressing outdated views (totally or partially) and should be cutted. These contents are kept for historicity of thoughts.