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Moontain, a compound word constructed with "moon" and "mountain". I use it to express a prudent imagination of a place far from the noise and bustle.

This site serves as a digital garden containing musings from me and treasures from others.
It's open source for sure.

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Principally, my garden is divided into 6 parts including Flashes, Notes, Readings, Open Source, Writings, Wiki.


This part contains ideas just flashed through my brain or inspiration from anywhere. These contents can be brief and immature, but they are always the original source of my further works. Contents here should be transformed into practical works for other parts as soon as possible.


Notes are commonly the records of history, conclusion or development of projects or other stuff I've done (or I'm doing). They can be derived from "Flashes" and may be related to my writings or open-source programs.


This part is the collection of my readings (e.g. Books, papers, magazins or othe materials). Contents here can be the origin of "Flashes" and finally the nutrition of my works.

Open Source

This part is the collection of my open-source programs.


My literature works and output of thoughts are put here.


Here are some learning points and explanations of concepts I've met while reading or at other places. Actually, this part contains my learning materials.

Maturity Levels

Maturity level of each note has been decided subjectively by me. In fact, I need this maturity-identification system due to my immaturity.


Sprouts () are thoughts barely started. Maybe jotted down on haste or simply showing only the brief amount of what I thought about it by far.


Saplings () have a substantial amount of content, they may show periodical developmet derived from seedlings or fertilizer.


Trees () are grown up coherent piece of thought/essay/expression that should not change much except for some editorial enhancements.


Leaves () are the notes expressing outdated views (totally or partially) and should be cutted. These contents are kept for historicity of thoughts.


Guideboards () are notes that allow us to navigate easily (e.g. Collection of books or writings).


Raindrops () are notes exported/extracted from other mediums (e.g. Reading highlight and notes). They provide necessary water for other notes to grow.

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