Lx is a simple & clear & elegant theme designed for Hexo blog framework.


Document: English中文
GitHub Repo:https://github.com/blleng/hexo-theme-lx
Any problem, suggestion or bug report: https://github.com/blleng/hexo-theme-lx/issues


It’s easy to switch your theme of hexo blog to theme-lx

Git clone

At the root dir of the blog:

git clone https://github.com/blleng/hexo-theme-lx themes/lx

Apply it

Edit _config.yml file under the root dir:

theme: lx


  • Comment
  • Analytics
    • Baidu Analytics
    • Goole Analytics
  • Mathjax
  • Font-Awesome
  • Useful tags
    • label
    • button
    • note
    • video
    • etc…
  • SideBar
  • Social
  • LocalSearch
  • tags
  • category
  • jsdelivr CDN

More features in README file:Hexo-Theme-Lx